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Essentials of Medical Geology
Revised Edition
Editors: Olle Selinus
ISBN: 978-94-007-4374-8 (Print) 978-94-007-4375-5 (Online)
2013, Springer Netherlands

Medical Geochemistry
Geological Materials and Health
Censi, Paolo; Darrah, Thomas; Erel, Yigal (Eds.)
2013, VIII, 194 p. 58 illus., 27 illus. in color.

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Medical Geology – A Regional Synthesis
2010. Editors: O. Selinus, R.B. Finkelman, J.A Centeno
Springer Science+Business Media
Series: International Year of Planet Earth
  • Gives a detailed global overview of the effects of our natural environment to our health
  • A truly interdisciplinary study written by geoscientists and medical scientists
  • Acts as a complement to the award-winning Essentials of Medical Geology

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 Man and the Geosphere
2010. Editor: I.V. Florinsky
Nova Science Publishers, New York
Series: Earth Science in the 21st Century

Humankind is under the permanent influence of the geological environment. Roles of some geological biotropic factors, such as volcanic explosions, strong earthquakes, and geochemical anomalies, have been well studied. Little is known about biotropic effects of the Earth’s fluid degassing, geomagnetic activity, natural background radiation, fluid migration and gas emission within fault zones, mild seismicity, cyclicity of tectonic and climatic processes, etc. This book is the first attempt to synthesize the interdisciplinary knowledge on all geogenic factors influencing humans, society, and civilization.

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  Introduction to Medical Geology
2010. Editor: I.V. Florinsky
Nova Science Publishers, New York
Series: Erlangen Earth Conference Series

Over two billion people live in tropical lands. Most of them live in intimate contact with the immediate geological environment, obtaining their food and water directly from it. The unique geochemistry of these tropical environments have a marked influence on their health, giving rise to diseases that affect millions of people. The origin of these diseases is geologic as exemplified by dental and skeletal fluorosis, iodine deficiency disorders, trace element imbalances to name a few. This book, one of the first of its kind, serves as an excellent introduction to the emerging discipline of Medical Geology.

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   Earth Materials and Health – Research Priorities for Earth Science and Public Health
2007. National Research Council and Institute of Medicine
National Academies Press

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Essentials of Medical Geology – Impacts of the Natural Environment on Public Health
2005. Editors: O. Selinus, B. Alloway, J. A. Centeno, R. B. Finkelman, R. Fuge, U. Lindh, P. Smedley

This is a fascinating reference work that will inevitably find its way into earth sciences classrooms, but also will appeal to a wider readership, including public health scientists and decision makers. Anyone looking to explore the field of medical geology will be captivated by the contents of this publication.Awards:

  1. Choice Outstanding Academic Titles
  2. 2005 Awards for Excellence in Professional and Scholarly Publishing – Geology/Geography
  3. British Medical Association: “Highly Commended” in the Public Health category
  4. Prix D’Excellence Pour Les Sciences de La Terre

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