Updated September 2018

Chapter Leader: Dr. Moataz Tarek, Geology Department, Arish University
Research Interests: Mineral dust, geomedical mapping and water hardness

Chapter Secretary: Rofida Younes, Public health, Arish University
Research Interests: Promoting medical geology and marketing

September 2018 - First 6 months

Report from Local Chapter Leader Dr. Moataz Tarek:
  1. Publish the first review paper which combines all challenges which face the improvement of medical geology at the Middle East and examples of the most important case studies.
  2. We have a plan to reach with our media campaigns to million Egyptian people at the first 6 months, including TV programs, YouTube content, social media and public conferences to raise the general attention of the importance of medical geology.
  3. In Egypt, we have about 35 universities and 24 research centers. We did a plan to organize a session to introduce medical geology in each of them to promote our plan and form research teams in each needed specialization.
  4. Internationally, we will announce our first global project which of course will need IMGA support with experts and collaborative researchers.

After that we will be able to travel and share strongly in Med Geo conferences and at 2023 we will submit our proposal to host it.

I would like to express all my greatness and special thanks for all IMGA board members for support, encouragements and for the great contributions

Note: Most of our chapter is youth researchers which facilitate to maintain our spirit and determination.

Egypt will speak medical geology