Preferred currency is the EURO ( for those who prefer to pay in $US the conversion rate required is: 40 EURO=55 USD. In order to pay in another currency we would prefer that you discuss the matter with the IMGA Treasurer first - Treasurer@medicalgeology.org

All dues shall be payed directly to IMGA

The Table below indicates Annual fees structure for IMGA 2014 [Fees and payment methods are currently under review)


Professional membership - preferred currency
40 Euro
- alternate currency
55 $US
Full time students
20 Euro

Exceptions for members in Africa:
Professional membership:
20 Euro
Fulltime students:
10 Euro
Corporate members and associations:
Nonprofit organisations
200 Euro
Commercial profit organisations
500 Euro
International societies
200 Euro
National societies
100 Euro
Governments, Foreign departments, embassies etc
1000 Euro



Members paying for four (4) years in advance receive the fifth (5th) year of membership free.

If you are a student, professor, or scientist from a developing country and are pursuing studies (or conducting research) in a developed country, you should pay dues from your place of origin. On the other hand, if you are originally from a developing country but are a permanent resident working in a developed country you should pay dues applicable to that developed country.