IMGA Structure

IMGA is governed by an Executive Committee which manages the affairs and funds of IMGA. The duties of the Executive Committee also include planning for conferences, elections and publications. The terms of office are for two years.

IMGA Chapters are groups within a region bringing together people in an area (city, country, etc.) or in an organization (university, government agency, etc.) interested in medical geology. All members of the Chapter must be members of the Association. A Chapter must consist of at least five (5) members. To be recognized as a formal Chapter the members must send a request to the IMGA board. Upon approval a certificate of recognition will be issued.

Chapters are a way to "locally" facility the growth of medical geology. The concept of developing "Chapters" is a fundamental basis by which larger societies strengthen their regional and eventually their national development. Chapters are designed to operate within the "confinments" of their locality and therefore they are complimentary to the Regional Divisions of IMGA and shall not compete with the Regional Divisions which are regional, in most cases involving several countries.

Members of chapters pay individual dues to IMGA. All affiliated organisations, including chapters, must send regular reports for the newsletter. A certain amount of the membership dues paid can be requested by the chapters for their activities.

IMGA also has Regional Divisions, which are associations which bring together members on a larger scale than the national one.

Constitution and Bylaws of IMGA

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