Dr Olle Selinus

Linneaus University
Linnegatan 2
39233 Kalmar, SWEDEN
Phone +46 70 5232820
Email: Olle.selinus@gmail.com


Olle Selinus is a Ph.D. geologist recently retired from the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) and currently affiliated with Linneaus University in Kalmar, Sweden.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Dr Selinus worked in mineral exploration with a mining company and at SGU, mainly with lithogeochemical exploration. Since the beginning of the 1980s, his research work has focused on environmental geochemistry and geostatistical methods, including research on medical geology.

Dr Selinus has served as the organizer of several international conferences, as a member of numerous scientific committees, and has published
over 90 manuscripts in scientific journals and several books. He has also acted as scientific expert for the European Union. He was the Head of the Geochemical Division at SGU, and also in charge of external research and development at the geological survey. He served as
Editor-in-Chief for the book "Essentials of Medical Geology" published in 2005, which received several prestigious international awards, and as editor of the more recently published book "Medical Geology - a regional synthesis" published in 2010.

He was appointed Geologist of the year 2005-2006 in Sweden and was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Reward of the Commission on
Geoscience for Environmental Management (GEM) in 2006. He acted as chairman of "Earth and Health" of the IUGS-UN-UNESCO initiative of Planet Earth (IYPE), and chairman of the health sector of the 4 GeoUnions Initiative as well as Senior Advisor of IYPE and also vice president of 33rd International Geological Congress in Oslo 2008. He is associate editor of Applied Geochemistry and is at present associated with the Linneaeus University in Kalmar.