Karin Ljung Björklund

Dr Karin Ljung Björklund

National Board of Health and Welfare
Stockholm, Sweden

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Karin Ljung Björklund works at the National Board of Health and Welfare in Stockholm, Sweden. She is an MSc and PhD graduate in Soil Science from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) where her postgraduate research involved metal exposure to children via soil ingestion.

Following her graduation, she worked on manganese in drinking water at Karolinska Institutet before embarking on a Post Doc at the School of Population Health, the University of Western Australia (UWA) where her research focused on metal exposure and bioaccessibility from dust inhalation as well as potential health impacts of disturbing acid sulphate soils. In 2009, she returned to Karolinska Institutet to continue her work on metal exposure to children, this time via food and drinking water. She joined the National Board of Health and Welfare in 2011.

Karin Ljung Björklund has been involved in Medical Geology since her PhD training and recently participated in the Short Course on Medical Geology held in Chengdu, China. She also contributed to the latest international book on Medical Geology - a regional synthesis, and chapters in a Swedish textbook on Medical Geology edited by Olle Selinus. She has been webmaster of IMGA since 2010 and secretary since the start of 2011.