Hisashi Nirei

Professor Hisashi Nirei

The Geo-pollution Control Agency, Japan
Rose highs-no.1, 24-1, 5 chyo-me
Makuharihongoh, Hanamigawa
Chiba City, 262-0033




Dr Hisashi Nirei has a PhD in Natural Sciences from Osaka City University and has been President of the Geo-pollution Control Agency in Chiba City, Japan since 2006. He is also Professor Emeritus at the Ibaraki University in Japan, Officer of GEM-IUGS ( 2008-2012) and Chair person of the Japanese Branch of the IUGS Commision on Geoscience for Environmental Management (GEM)since 2005.

Dr Nirei has also acted as Chairperson of the Committee of Environmental Geology, Geological Society of Japan, where he also acts as Councillor. He is also Counsellor/ Executive of the International Society for Environmental Geotechnology (ISEG) and Advisor of the Japanese Society of Geo-pollution Science, Medical and Urban Geology.

Dr Nirei's current work focuses on geopollution management and remediation and he has previously lectured in this field at the Center for Water Environmental Study, Ibaraki University.