Prof Evens Emmanuel

Evens Emmanuel is the Dean of the Graduate School “Society and Environment” and the Director of the Laboratory of Health and Environment (LS-E) of Quisqueya University, a private nonprofit Institution of 3,000 students in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He is in charge of the Haiti Chapter of IMGA. He holds a Master of Sciences in Sanitary Engineering from Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala and a doctoral degree in Environmental engineering from the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon. He is Professor of Water and Wastewater Treatment. On a personal basis, he was responsible for producing more than 75 publications including 30 conference papers. Peer reviewer of 10 international journals. His research field is methodological approach of human health risk assessment and ecological risk assessment of water and wastewater. Professor Emmanuel is a member of the Caribbean Academy of Sciences, International Medical Geology Association, and American Association for the Advancement of Science.