Updated March 2018

Chapter Contact: Dr. Darren Beriro, British Geological Survey, Keyworth, Nottingham, UK

Chapter Website:
Facebook: ‘Medical Geology - UK Chapter of IMGA’

The UK IMGA Chapter was established and approved by the IMGA Board in 2015.

March 2018

Report from Local Chapter Leader Dr Darren Beriro:

June 2017

No update.

December 2016


The British Geological Survey will measure and model the dermal bioavailability of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in soil using passive diffusion cells and GC-MS/MS analysis. We will also conduct a literature review of the inhalation bioaccessibility of PAH in soil derived dust. The outputs of the research are expected to reduce uncertainties in human health risk assessment used as part of the remediation of former industrial brownfield land. The project is funded by National Grid Property Holdings with management input from WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff.

Dr Mark Cave of the British Geological Survey gave a number of Medical Geology related talks:

June 2016

The UK IMGA has been promoting IMGA where possible. In particular the current Chair, Darren Beriro was invited to give an evening presentation at the Cambridgeshire Geological Club on 14th March where he spoke on the subject. Other related activities include a seminar hosted by British Geological Survey on current issues in contaminated land and also an invited presentation at national conference on Innovation in Site Investigation. Both of which included a presentation by Mark Cave on the human bioaccessibility of harmful chemical elements and organic compounds in soil.

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October 2015

We are pleased to announce that a new IMGA-UK chapter has been set up for the United Kingdom by our 13 members. We were presented our certificate at the MEDGEO conference in July 2015. The focus of the chapter is on promoting research conducted primarily by UK researchers, in particular early career researchers. During 2015-16 IMGA-UK has created a new website at with various posts and photos. We have also set up a Twitter account IMGA-UK @IMGA_UK which we have used for 16 Tweets so far and a Facebook page named ‘Medical Geology - UK Chapter of IMGA’. These media are to be used as a vehicle for disseminating members’ and other interesting research to a wide variety of people. It is early days, and we are looking for contributions in all areas, especially summaries of individual research profiles with links to their institutions. We would also like to link with peoples’ new and forthcoming research findings that we can promote using our social media accounts. Any ideas or suggestions for increasing the usefulness of the website and social media tools would be welcomed. We would like to make the IMGA-UK a resource that people use to navigate this interesting and diverse area of science. We are pleased to have made the progress we have so far this year and acknowledge that this is work in progress, requiring further development over the next few years by our committed members.

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