Contact: Dr Olle Selinus, IMGA Co-Chair for GeoScience.


The chapter is new and started at the beginning of 2012. One activity is participation in “Geoarena”, in Octo-ber, organized by the Geological Survey of Sweden, which may gather about 1500 people, and bring together government authorities, decision makers, politicians, environmental people, etc. During 2 days there will be exhibitions, discussions and presentations on all aspects of geology. One of the themes will be medical geol-ogy with invited medical scientists, geoscientists and officials from agencies. The presentations will cover dif-ferent aspects of medical geology, education in medical geology etc and will end with a panel discussion.

On 16-17 October 2012 the Geological Survey of Sweden arranged a new conference called Geoarena, in Uppsala with several hundred participants from the mining industry, agencies, government, companies, envi-ronmental people etc. This conference will be held every two years in future, at the big conference building in Uppsala and the aim is to inform all on the diversity of geoscience. It was opened by the minister of industry. Several different sessions with lectures, discussions etc were held. One popular session was medical geology which was allocated much time. The lectures were held by members of IMGA, IMGA was presented and pro-motional material was distributed. The lecturers were a mixture of medical scientists and geoscientists. The session was chaired by a well known journalist from the Swedish television and was ended with a panel dis-cussion on the future of medical geology and medical geology education at universities.
The following lectures were held:
 Medical geology, our health and natural environment, Olle Selinus
 Metals in soils in the children’s environment, a study of the playgrounds in Uppsala, Karin Ljung Björklund
 Medical geology from the perspective of a medical scientist, Martin Fahlén
 The use of geological databases and registries of disease in studies of disease, Martin Tondel
 Medical Geology at Uppsala University, Ulf Lindh
 Medical geology at Lund University, Leif Johansson
The session was popular and it was decided that the next Geoarena 2014 would also include workshops in medical geology. There are also plans to make at least two television programs on medical geology for the general public.