The Ghana chapter of IMGA was established 2008.

Ghana Chapter Leader (current on sabbatical), Richard Glover,


The Chapter is active although going through some transition period. The Chapter has fourteen (14) members who have paid their dues up till end 2013. A number of prospective members have been identified while some have pledged their support for the Association. Four members are currently outside Ghana pursuing doctorate degrees and another four are studying for doctorate degrees within the country. One member is on sabbatical leave in South Africa, while one has retired from active service.
The Chapter Secretary is conducting research on the effectiveness of using pulverised teak leaf litter to remove fluoride ions from aqueous solution. This is an aspect of his doctorate research involving the use of pulverised teak leaf litter to treat polluted water. Excess fluoride, arsenic and manganese ions are found in underground water sources in different parts of Ghana. The Chapter therefore plans to conduct research on the use of low-cost locally available materials to adsorb fluoride, arsenic and manganese ions from underground water sources. This research has not commenced due to lack of adequate resources.


Dr. Arhin is currently studying as a Post Doc in the UK. Therefore, although he is still the Leader of this Chap-ter he is currently not the active head. This responsibility has passed to the Dr. Richard Glover and the Chapter Secretary Mr. Emmanuel Oyelude. The chapter has 15 members, mainly environmental scientists (Earth Scien-tists/Geologists, Chemists/Biochemists, Biologists/Microbiologists). The Chapter conducted a pilot study on the quality of underground water of some communities in the catchment area of the university campus. Levels of arsenic greater than the maximum permissible limit for drinking water were observed, especially during the dry season.