Chapter Leader: Dr Peter Appel,, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Co-penhagen, Denmark
Secretary: Birgitte Guldberg Hansen, GEUS,


Chapter Members:
John Tychsen Geophysicist Small-scale mining environmental impacts
Jørgen Kystol Chemist Mercury analysis
Tue Kofod Geology student Mercury pollution
Lars Lund Soerensen Geologist Environmental problems caused by mining
Birgitte Guldberg Hansen Geologist Iodine problems in groundwater
Søren Munch Kristiansen Geologist Iodine problems in groundwater
Denitza Voutchkova Geologist Iodine problems in groundwater
Anja Leth Geology student Small project on fluorine in Greenland
Corey Cohn Post Doc National Research Centre for the Working Environment
Mineral-induced formation of reactive oxygen species
After building up interest in establishing a Danish Chapter, the IMGA Danish Chapter was launched at a Medical Geology workshop held in Copenhagen on 7th February 2012 at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland.

Program for the workshop
Abstracts from the workshop

Three members of the Danish chapter (Peter W. U. Appel, Kim Esbensen and Birgitte Hansen) visited Olle Selinus in his summer cottage in Sweden early October . Olle showed us the fascinating nature of Southern Øland Eastern Sweden. Over a nice dinner we got lots of inspiration from Olle as to which project to focus on over the next years for the Danish chapter. Birgitte being the future cashier of IMGA spent considerable time with Olle being taught how to do the book keeping in a proper way. The IMGA Board certificate of approval was presented to the IMGA Denmark Chapter by Olle Selinus during this visit.

In June 2012, a meeting was held in Copenhagen focusing on components occurring naturally in soil or groundwater and health effects caused by those components. Ten presentations ranging from lithium, iodine, calcium to radon and fluorine were given. Unfortunately most titles are in Danish and the abstracts likewise.
Denitza Voutchkova gave a presentation on Multivariate Analysis of Danish Historical Hydrogeochemical Data with Respect to Iodine in Groundwater at the 2012 Sino-European Symposium on Environment and Health (SESEH 2012) held in Galway, Ireland.