Updated 29 June 2015

Chapter Leader: Prof Krasimira Staneva, Bulgarian Association of Geomedicine and Geotherapy (BAGG), Sofia University, hk G. Delchev, bl. 7A, B1404 Sofia, Bulgaria
E-mail: bagg.ks@gmail.com; staneva_ krasimira@yahoo.com
Tel: +359 899 000676
Tel: +359 2 8587687

BAGG Website: http://www.bagg-bg.org

The Bulgarian Association of Geomedicine and Geotherapy (BAGG) acts as the IMGA Local Chapter in Bulgaria, established in 2012.


6-month report from Local Chapter Leader Dr. Krasimira Staneva:

1. Organization of International Water Day 2015 Event in Sofia
BAGG and IMGA as a partner in organization of the International Water Day 2015 managed the student presentations on water safety and quality topics. Our partners were Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Environment and Water, Sofia Municipality, Bulgarian National Radio, National Sport Academy, Forestry University, Medical College, Bulgarian Touristic Chamber, etc.

The main objective of the online campaign is to present worldwide the new culture among Bulgarian young people: "Water for global health" and convert into available practice the concept - "Wellness for everyone."

Specific objectives:

  • The Forum combines support to the new governmental policies for sustainable development of Spa & Wellness & Thalasso tourism in Bulgaria.
  • Helping to promote the unique healing power of Bulgarian mineral water worldwide and the culture of a Wellness lifestyle.
  • Provide scientific evidences for the Spa & Wellness & Thalasso industry as a driving force for economic growth and sustainable development.
  • To build a strong international network of successful lobbying in support of Bulgarian mineral resources.

2. Participation in National Forestry Week
Organized by Ministry of Agriculture and Food and National Scientific Conference: Nature, Forest, Society.
Prof. Staneva presented: Forestry tourism - opportunities and challenges. The Program is available at http://www.blrs.eu/konfer.html.

3. Presentation of Final Environmental Impact Assessment
Project looking at an Investor’s Plan to the Regional Agency of the Environment and Water for the District of Rousse. BAGG obtained positive estimate of the Environmental Report. The team of BAGG received positive feedback from RIOEW.

4. Prof. Krasimira Staneva was a visiting lecturer at BKF-Budapest University of Applied Sciences, Hungary.
Content of the teaching programme:
• BSc Program
Wellness tourism and quality of life
The HSE Management System and QMS models in Spa and Wellness sector.
• MSc Program
Thermal Spa in Balkan region
Impact of environmental characteristics on quality of Health and Spa tourism
Geomedical Tourism- philosophy and goals

5. Certification of Bulgarian Medical Spa
BAGG members are working on new standards for Certification of Bulgarian Medical Spa, Wellness and Thalasso centres. Kr. Staneva is a member of the Government Working Group for elaboration of Regulations (according to new Tourism Law).
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Global Water Health -
Wellness for Everyone
International Water Bridge 2015 Bulgaria Event
Ceremony of Honorary
Ambassador of Wellness Culture
International Water Day 2015
National Forestry Week
“Forests – Bridge to the Future”
Scientic Conference "Nature, forest, society“


Here is a brief summary of project activities.


The Bulgarian Association of Geomedicine and Geotherapy (BAGG), has recently joined IMGA as an Institutional Member. IMGA extends a warm welcome to BAGG. BAGG will act as the IMGA Local Chapter in Bulgaria and this new Local Chapter is currently awaiting IMGA Board approval.

Project information of the Bulgarian Association of Geomedicine and Geotherapy BAGG (2011-2012): http://www.bagg-bg.org

The activity of BAGG was associated with conducting several projects aimed at promoting Medical Geology in Bulgaria in 2011. Our team is focused on working with schools and business organizations. We obtained good results, which encourages us. Here is a brief summary of project activities.


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