Chapter Leader: Krasimira Staneva; staneva_ krasimira@yahoo.com; The Bulgarian Association of Geomedicine and Geotherapy (BAGG), acts as the IMGA Local Chapter in Bulgaria. This new Local Chapter was approved by the IMGA Board in June 2012


1. BAGG has provided special creative –education project: “Our students- healthy by geomedical tourism”

The project is very new for Bulgaria and our association promoted the geomedical tourism possibilities to students from Medical University Sofia. The scope of project is to obtain enough professional  skills in the area of  first aid in outdoor and forest activities and  to become a trainer for the geomedical route in the forest.

Participants: Medical University Sofia- 40 students, specialty Rehabilitation and Pharmacy, 5 professors

                        BAGG: 10 ecologists, forestry  engineers, medical doctors, tourism  specialists,

Duration: 1.10.2014-  1.03.2015


2. BAGG has  developed forest health tourism destinations and promoted special ones aimed to different age groups: 4-14 ages, 15-19 ages and 55+ ages.

3. BAGG as  a  partner with  Serbia, Hungary, Croatia and Monte Negro  has presented “Implementation of Forest medicine protocols at health tourism and development of public health “ 

4. Participation in International project Balkan Wellbeing 3rd Workshop  and ATLAS conference Tourism, Travel and Leisure Sources of Wellbeing, Happiness and Quality of Life in Budapest, Hungary (21.10-24.10.2014). BAGG will present investigation results in the area of Implementation of Geomedical tourism in Balkan region.




The Bulgarian Association of Geomedicine and Geotherapy (BAGG), has recently joined IMGA as an Institutional Member. IMGA extends a warm welcome to BAGG. BAGG will act as the IMGA Local Chapter in Bulgaria and this new Local Chapter is currently awaiting IMGA Board approval.
Report from IMGA Bulgaria Contact Prof Krasimira Staneva
Project information of the Bulgarian Association of Geomedicine and Geotherapy BAGG (2011-2012)
www.bagg-bg@org.com; e-mail:bagg.ks@gmail.com
The activity of BAGG was associated with conducting several projects aimed at promoting Medical Geology in Bulgaria in 2011. Our team is focused on working with schools and business organizations. We obtained good results, which encourages us. Here is a brief summary of project activities.
Project "Our children healthy by nature”
BAGG organized and provided a training project "Our children healthy by Nature” in 2011. The project aimed to familiarize students with the principles of medical geology and geotherapy and opportunities for remedial activities. Project activities were focused in two phases, information and creation. The first was focused on working with parents, teachers and students of different ages. We have trained older students and they became instructors in the project.
The quality of life in the school environment was assessed. Participants received information about the impact of mineral nutrition on motor activity and the relationship between mineral deficiency and learning difficulties.
In the second phase of the project there were separate groups for work in nature, for clay-therapy (stimulation of fine motor activity) and for active sports.
Trained instructors organized geotherapeutic routes with brief information modules. All participants had spe-cific rehabilitation modules outdoors in the Karlukovo Karst Geopark. Their instructors were students from Sofia University, Occupational Therapy program.
The project ended with a competition “What I learned about geomedicine”.
BAGG was supported by the Ministry of Environment, Rotary Club – Interact Division and NGOs.
The second project:
Last year BAGG started a research project to evaluate the components of the environment and their impact on human health. Activities associated with assessing the quality of air, soil, water and the geological environ-ment, flora, fauna and EMF are being carried out.
The area under study is in north-eastern Bulgaria, where there is an active limestone quarry. The research team has obtained information about the quality of environmental components (10 years period observed). The population health status has been examined also.
Project activities will continue to assess the health risk for the population under the impact of mining activities. All results obtained on the project will be reported to the health authorities and the Ministry of Environment. The project will be completed this year with a public discussion in the region.
The third project:
This month BAGG started a research project "Screening of electromagnetic pollution in schools and health risk assessments for students." The project is financed by the Bulgarian Association of Geomedicine and Geotherapy and Sofia University.
The project objective is screening of electromagnetic pollution in schools from different types of high-technology equipment and a school for children with special educational needs. Expected results are related to clarifying the causes of fatigue, hyperactivity, attention deficit, etc. All results will be prepared for publishing by the end of 2012.
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