Edited 24 June 2015

Chapter Leader: Dr. Bernardino Figueiredo, Institute of Geosciences, University of Campinas, PO Box 6152, 13083-970 Campinas, Brazil

Joint Chapter Leader: Dr. Cassio Silva, Territorial Management Department, Geological Survey of Brazil, Rua da passagem, 07 apto. 1002 - Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, 22290030, Brazil

The IMGA Local Chapter in Brazil was established in 2008.


6-month report from Local Chapter Leaders Drs Bernardino Figueiredo and Cassio Silva:

A number of Medical Geology related scientific events have been promoted in the last decade in connection with the biennial editions of Brazilian geological congresses and Brazilian geochemical congresses. Again in 2015 a technical scientific session on Medical Geology is planned to occur during the XV Brazilian Geochemical Congress to be held in Brasilia (Federal District) in October.

Besides the preparation of this activity, Dr. Fernanda Cunha (Geological Survey of Brazil) has conducted a short course on Medical Geology at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, last April, as a part of the Geology Student Academic Week.


A significant number of papers (70) were presented during the technical and scientific session “Environmental and Medical Geology” of the 47th Brazilian Geological Congress that was held in Salvador, State of Bahia, Brazil, last September. Dr. Nelly Mañay, IMGA Chairperson, was the keynote speaker for the session that was conducted by Professors Bernardino Figueiredo and José Ângelo dos Anjos. In parallel, the future activities of the Medical Geology in Brazil for the period 2014-2015 were discussed during the Chapter business meeting previously included in the Congress programme. Additional activities conducted by various members of Brazil Chapter are reported below:


The Brazil Chapter is very active and has 10 members, mainly environmental scientists. The Chapter is led by Dr. Bernardino Figueiredo (University of Campinas) and Dr. Cassio Silva (Geological Survey of Brazil). The Chapter is based on the former UNICAMP Chapter and it has recently organised one short course and several lectures at scientific meetings and universities.