Updated Updated March 2018

Chapter Leader: Dr. Bernardino Figueiredo, Institute of Geosciences, University of Campinas, PO Box 6152, 13083-970 Campinas, Brazil

Joint Chapter Leader: Dr. C
ássio Silva, Territorial Management Department, Geological Survey of Brazil, Rua da passagem, 07 apto. 1002 - Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, 22290030, Brazil

The IMGA Local Chapter in Brazil was established in 2008.

March 2018

Report from Local Chapter Leader Dr. Diego Fridman for the past year:
  • During this last term several members of IMGA Brazilian Chapter dedicated themselves to prepare a number of papers which were submitted to important scientific meetings such as the International Conference on Medical Geology –Medgeo2017 –to be held in Moscow, the XVI Brazilian Geochemical Congress to be held in Buzios, Rio de Janeiro, next August, and the 15th Amazonian Geological Symposium to be held in Belém, next September.
  • Dr. Rita Salgueiro started a new undergraduate discipline entitled “Medical Geology” at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC). A new “Geomedicine” course at graduate level has initiated in the Federal University of Para (UFPA) last August.
  • Dr. Cassio Roberto da Silva (Brazilian Geological Survey) gave a lecture, entitled “Geochemistry, Environment and Health”, at the Federal University of Espírito Santo, during the VI Geological Studies Week, April 7, 2017.
    He also participated in the planning meetings of the project "Mercury impact on protected areas and on forest people in the Eastern Amazon: an integrated health-environmental approach”. Participation of researchers from the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, the IEPE Research Institute for Indigenous Education, the Amazon Program, the WWF Brazil and from a number of Universities and laboratories is anticipated.
  • Dr. Eduardo Paim Viglio will address the big mining dam disaster in Mariana and additional research results on antimony occurrences in Brazil at the incoming scientific meetings. He is also participating of the geochemical activities of the Brazilian Geological Survey envisaged to publish three more regional Environmental Geochemical Atlas of Brazil during the next Brazilian Geochemical Congress.
  • A total of eleven Brazilian papers were published during the International Conference on Medical Geology –Medgeo2017, held in Moscow, last September. These papers focused on the occurrence of mercury, germanium and arsenic and implications for human health in Brazil. Analytical results on the quality of drinking water in different places in the country were also discussed. Members of the Chapter contributed as well to the XVI Brazilian Geochemical Congress, held in Rio de Janeiro, and to the 15th Amazonian Geological Symposium, held in Belém, also in this last period.
  • Dr. Cassio Roberto da Silva (Brazilian Geological Survey) was honored by the professional Rio de Janeiro Engineering Professional Council (CREA-RJ) with the prize “Láurea ao Mérito CREA-RJ 2017”, in November. This tribute is dedicated to professionals who stood out for their actions in favor of Engineering, Agronomy and Geology professions in Brazil.
  • A new research project entitled “Geoavailability study on Ge and Li in Brazil and Portugal and their potential applications to health” was submitted to the Brazilian and Portuguese agencies CAPES and FCT. This project is aimed to facilitate future collaboration between researchers from IST (Lisbon, Orquídia Neves and Carla Rocha), Aveiro University (Carla Patinha and Maria Inácio), Federal University of Ceará- Brazil (Ana Rita Salgueiro e Jose Antônio Sabadia) and the CPRM-Brazilian Geological Survey (Cassio Roberto da Silva and Eduardo P. Viglio).
  • A research group dedicated to organic compounds was created by Dr. Carlos Bandeira de Mello (PETROBRAS Oil Company) e Dr. Josino Costa Moreira (FIOCRUZ-Ministry of Health). Dr. Cassio Roberto da Silva (CPRM-Brazilian Geological Survey) e Dr. Gabriel Barberes (PETROBRAS) also participate of this group, whose first action will be to reinforce the debate on medical geology of organics during the International Latin American Congress of Organic Geochemistry of the Latin American Association of Organic Geochemistry (ALAGO) to be held in Salvador, Bahia, northeast of the country, next year.
December 2016

Activities over the last 6 months:

Figueiredo, B. R. - Lecture: Metal Contamination of Environmental Materials in the XIII Environmental Engineering Week, Engineering School, University of São Paulo, São Carlos, SP, Brazil, May 2016.

Silva, C. R. - Lecture: Medical Geology: Soil and Related Pathologies in the XX Brazilian Congress of Nutrology, Brazilian Association of Nutrology, São Paulo, Brasil, October 2016.

Figueiredo, B. R. - Lecture: Medical Geology, III Geosciences Academic Week, University of Brasilia, October 2016.

Silva, C. R. - Chairman of Technical Session on Environmental and Medical Geology during the 48th Brazilian Geological Congress, Brazilian Geological Society, Porto Alegre, Brazil, October 2016.

Figueiredo, B.R. and Silva, C.R. - Short Course on Medical Geology during the XIII Geochemical Congresso of Portuguese Speaking Countries, Fortaleza-CE, Brazil, November 2016.

IMGA Brazil Chapter Meeting during the XIII Geochemical Congress of Portuguese Speaking Countries, Fortaleza-CE, Brazil, November 2016 – this meeting was chaired by Dr. Maria Aurora Armienta Hernandez and the Chapter Leaders.

Dr. Maria Aurora Armienta Hernandez, IMGA Vice-Chair for Geoscience, participated as invited speaker of the XIII Geochemical Congress of Portuguese Speaking Countries, Fortaleza-CE, Brazil, November 2016.

A new discipline entitled Medical Geology was created by Dr. Rita Salgueiro in the scope of undergraduate Geology course of the Federal University of Ceará (UFC).

A new course entitled Geomedicine at graduate level initiated in August 2016 in the Federal University of Para (UFPA).

June 2016

During this term Dr. Cássio Silva was invited to join Professor Ari Roisemberg to chair the technical session “Environmental and Medical Geology” during the 48th Brazilian Geological Congress to be held October 9-13, 2017 in Porto Alegre, South Brazil (  Some medical geology activities have been included in the program of the XIII Geochemical Congress of the Portuguese Speaking Countries to be held in the Fortaleza city, northeastern Brazil, next November (14th-18th).  More specifically, a short course on medical geology will be conducted by Bernardino Figueiredo and Cássio Silva who will also organize a business meeting of the Brazil Chapter in connection with that congress.

Professor Bernardino Figueiredo was invited to participate of the XIII Student Week of Environmental Engineering at the University of São Paulo in São Carlos city.  A lecture entitled “Lead, arsenic and mercury in the environment and effects on human health” is scheduled for 16 May.  The Brazil Chapter members Cssio Silva, Fernanda Cunha, and Eduardo Viglio, geologists of the CPRM-Geological Survey of Brazil, have submitted a manuscript entitled “Preliminary assessment of the environmental health impact caused by the breach of the iron mining dam in Mariana, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil” as a contribution to this issue of IMGA Newsletter.

November 2015

6-month report from Local Chapter Leaders Drs. Bernardino Figueiredo and Cássio Silva:

During this last term, Dr. Cássio Silva was elected a new Councilor of IMGA fact which has been very well received by Brazilian scientific and professional community.  Dr. Silva was one of Brazilian delegates to the 6th International Conference on Medical Geology held in Aveiro, Portugal.  Below are some interesting papers presented at that conference by members of Brazilian Chapter:

In September, Dr. Bernardino Figueiredo conducted for the third time his course on “Geoscience, Environment and Health” at the Federal University of West Pará (UFOPA) in Santarém, Brazil.  This course is part of the doctoral program on “Society, Nature and Development” offered by UFOPA since 2013.

Also in September, Dr. Cássio Silva participated as a lecturer to the 23rd Geological Week of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and of the XIX Brazilian Congress of Nutrition.

In October, a technical session on Medical Geology was organized during the XV Brazilian Geochemical Congress held in Brasilia (Federal District).  Members of the chapter presented the following papers (In Portuguese) at this congress:

June 2015

6-month report from Local Chapter Leaders Drs Bernardino Figueiredo and Cassio Silva:

A number of Medical Geology related scientific events have been promoted in the last decade in connection with the biennial editions of Brazilian geological congresses and Brazilian geochemical congresses. Again in 2015 a technical scientific session on Medical Geology is planned to occur during the XV Brazilian Geochemical Congress to be held in Brasilia (Federal District) in October.

Besides the preparation of this activity, Dr. Fernanda Cunha (Geological Survey of Brazil) has conducted a short course on Medical Geology at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, last April, as a part of the Geology Student Academic Week.


A significant number of papers (70) were presented during the technical and scientific session “Environmental and Medical Geology” of the 47th Brazilian Geological Congress that was held in Salvador, State of Bahia, Brazil, last September. Dr. Nelly Mañay, IMGA Chairperson, was the keynote speaker for the session that was conducted by Professors Bernardino Figueiredo and José Ângelo dos Anjos. In parallel, the future activities of the Medical Geology in Brazil for the period 2014-2015 were discussed during the Chapter business meeting previously included in the Congress programme. Additional activities conducted by various members of Brazil Chapter are reported below:


The Brazil Chapter is very active and has 10 members, mainly environmental scientists. The Chapter is led by Dr. Bernardino Figueiredo (University of Campinas) and Dr. Cassio Silva (Geological Survey of Brazil). The Chapter is based on the former UNICAMP Chapter and it has recently organised one short course and several lectures at scientific meetings and universities.