Country University Department Undergraduate Course Masters or Diploma PhD or research opportunity Staff member interested teaching relevant course Fields of interests Email Website
Up to date as of November 2012 Australia University of Ballarat School of Health Sciences     Opportunities for PhD (applications welcome all year but Scholarships close 31 October each year) Kim Dowling Geochemistry of arsenic, epidemiology and health effects of arsenic, and geochemistry and health from mining
France BRGM, French Geological Survey BRGM, Orleans Technical & Scientific Center ENAG-BRGM Highschool for Applied Geosciences Research and PhD students Xavier Bourrat Manufactured and natural nanoparticles characterization (Raman/SEMfeg)
STE Intern'l Master for Earth sciences and environment   Reas, PhD and Post-doc positions Mikael Motelica Soil and technosoil remediation (metals and traces contamination, LA-ICP-MS)
Orleans University OSUC department Specific courses SAE Intern'l Master for Atmospheric and Space Sciences Regis Guegan DHL, clays and nanomaterials in ecotechnology (Raman, XRD & Neutron diff)
    Polytech Orleans High school  Polytech Master: Sensors in Geosciences   Lydie Leforestier Clays as geochemical barrier
Ireland National University of Ireland, Galway School of Geography and Archaeology     possibility of PhD Chaosheng Zhang GIS, Spatial statistics, Environmental geochemistry, heavy metals
Sweden University of Lund Institute of Geology undergraduate course on offer (course is given in swedish)     Leif Johansson All aspects of medical geology  
Sri Lanka University of Peradeniya Department of Geology Modules: Advanced Environmental Geology; Environmental Geochemistry with special reference to tropical countries Opportunities for research/student projects Rohana Chandrajith All aspects of Medical Geology, environmental geochemistry
            Chandra Dissanayaka  
United Kingdom Portsmouth Earth and Environmental Post-doctoral positions Nick Walton Groundwater and contaminated land based health issues
Portsmouth Earth and Environmental Environmental Science and Geology  Msc include contaminated land, water pollution and geochemsitry modules Mike Fowler Dust-based health issues
Keele University Earth Sciences and Geography UG Geoscience course, Module Geoscience and Society Dr Ian Stimpson
Kingston University London The School of Geography, Geology and the Environment MSc in Hazards and Disaster Management (Module on Geophysical and Geomedical Hazards)  Prof. Gavin Gillmore the link between radon and health; geology and caves; abandoned mines; and ecotoxicology
MSC in Geographic Information Systems (Module on GIS and Health) Health patterns and analysis
University of the West of Scotland School of Science BSc (Hons) Environmental Health (various public health, environmental protection); BSc (Hons) Chemistry (modules on waste and environment). MSc/PGD  Waste & Clean Technology version (from 2012). depending on funding for project specific work; self funded or hosting opportunity available. Andrew S Hursthouse Environmental geochemistry & health; inorganic and organic contaminants in soil, water, sediments, and air; chemical analysis and quantification methods; environmental quality and human exposure; nutrients and nutrition in developing countries; remediation and human health risk assessment; environmental regulation and policy development
University of Edinburgh Geosciences Environmental geochemistry  speciation and behaviour of Pb, As, Mn, Cr, Sb, Hg, U, Cd with emphasis on contaminated sediments and soils and the topics of environmental change, biogeochemical processes, contaminated land and human exposure John Farmer & Environmental geochemistry and health
Margaret Graham
United States University of St Thomas Department of Geology GEOL 161/461: Medical Geology running offered approximately once a year     Jennifer McGuire Environmental biogeochemistry, Coupled biogeochemical cycles in anaerobic terrestrial and aquatic environments, Low-temperature aqueous geochemistry, Chemical fate and transport, Applied environmental toxicology, Reactive multi-phase numerical modeling
Emory University Environmental Studies Modules - Environmental Geology; Geology and Human Health BS/MPH 5-Year Environmental Studies (ENVS) and Environmental Health (EH) Program (some medical geology aspects) William Size
Up to date as of September 2011 Australia Queensland University of Technology School of Natural Resource Sciences Postgraduate (PhD) opportunities Maree Corkeron Geospatial analysis of soil borne pathogens and disease distribution. Relationships between geological substrate, soil, and disease.
Germany Friedrich Schiller Universitaet  at Jena Geosciences Introduction to Geochemistry; Environmental Geochemistry Medical Geology post-doc on offer Lothar Viereck Geochemistry
Hong Kong University of Hong Kong Department of Earth Sciences Msc Earth Science and Environmental Management module Dr G.C. Zhao metamorphic petrology, structural geology, geochemistry and geochronology to tackle various geological problems
Iceland University of Iceland School of Engineering and Natural Sciences MSc in Environment and Natural Resources with possible Medical Geology project Research, possibility for PHD students K. Vala Ragnarsdottir Environmental geochemistry and health, sustainable soil systems
Nigeria University of Jos Department of Geology and Mining Courses: Mineral Resources and Environmental geology; Applied Geochemistry  Post graduate Diploma in Environmental Geology PhD in Environmental Geology Uriah Alexamder Lar Trace elements in the environment: Impact on human and animal health
Portugal Aveiro Geosciences Master in Geomaterials and Geological Resources with the possibility to carry out studies on Medical Geology . The Erasmus Mundus IMACS  and PhD degree in Geotechnologies with a possibility to carry out studies on characterization on geological materials and develop new materials to be applied on human health issues.  Eduardo Ferreira da Silva Medical geology
Aveiro Geosciences Tavares Rocha Medical geology
Aveiro Geosciences Paula Marinho Medical geology
Aveiro Geosciences Celso Gomes Medical geology
Aveiro Geosciences Carla Patinha Medical geology
South Africa Venda Mining and Environmental Geology Bachelor  of  Earth  Sciences  in  Environmental  Geology;  name  of  module  is:  Medical  Geology Masters on offer PhD opportunities Theo C. Davies Trace elements in the environment and human health
United Kingdom Brighton School of Enviroment & Technology (Division of Geography & Geology) MSc in Environmental Geology (1 year full-time, 2 years part-time) Norman Moles Environmental mineralogy, environmental geochemistry, in-situ analysis of contaminated soil (using portable XRF instruments)
University of Nottingham School of Biosciences Environmental Biology, Environmental Science, Plant Science, Applied Biology  MSc/Diploma Crop Improvement, MRes degrees (various) PhD enquiries welcome Martin Broadley Plant mineral nutrition, biofortification
University of Derby MSc Environmental Management, incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip (Online) includes module Environmental Geochemistry and Health Aradhana Mehra mobility, bioavailability and speciation of toxic trace metals in different environmental media and their impacts on biota including human beings; micro-anionic nutrients in the environment and their significance to human health
MSc Environmental Health (Online) Alan Whitfield
Cardiff Earth occasionally offer PhD Tim Jones Airborne particle and respiratory toxicity; Contaminated land and human health; Fossil charcoal from Devonian onwards
University of Hertfordshire School of Life Sciences Bsc Geography - 3rd yr module Natural Hazards ?
United States University of Massachusetts Boston Environmental, Earth, and Ocean Sciences Introductory course in Medical Geology; Oceans and Human Health course (Toxicology and Ocean Chemistry) research opportunities in oceans and human health science (marine toxins) and policy; PhD track in "Oceans and Human Health" (UMASS School of Marine Sciences) Robyn Hannigan metals in medicine, metals and biomineralogy
University of Massachusetts Boston Environmental, Earth, and Ocean Sciences PhD track in "Oceans and Human Health" (UMASS School of Marine Sciences); Oceans and Human Health course (Marine toxins and health policy) Robert Bowen ecological-human health indicators, domoic acid and other marine toxins and spatial data assessment, oceans and human health policy
Yale University Geology and Geophysics Course on Minerals and Human Health, available Autumn 2011 H. Catherine W. Skinner biominerals and minerals in general both in geologic and biogeochemical environments, i.e. from modern bone to fossils of all mineralized forms
Arizona State University School of Earth and Space Exploration ASU have the facilities to support research in Medical Geology Lynda Williams Antibacterial properties of clays
Universty of Vermont Department of Geology Module: Advanced special topics; Medical Geology option ran in Spring 2010 Gregory Druschel
Idaho State University Department of Geosciences UG and Graduate Environmental Geology course - module Envirnmental Health Scott Hughes
Lawrence University Geology Geology or Environmental Studies course, module Geology and Health Andrew Knudsen environmental mineralogy, geochemistry, mining and industrial influences on river and wetland systems
University of New Haven Biology and Environmental Science Environmental Science UG and Graduate courses Laurence Davis Environmental Geology, Geology and Land Use, Geology and Public Policy, Hydrology and Hydrogeology, Geomorphology, Resource Management and Energy Problems, Engineering Geology
George Mason University Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences  UG Earth Science Bs, Environmental Geoscience Dr. Julia Nord
Brock University Department of Earth Sciences UG programs available Heather Hudson (Academic Advisor)
University of Texas Arlington Earth and Environmental Sciences Earth and Environmental Sciences, Environmental Health course Andrew Hunt Geoscience and Health (Urban geochemistry and health; contaminated soil remediation; inhaled ambient particles); Risk assessment/probabilistic risk assessment; Environmental Health (Pediatric Pb poisoning; pediatric asthma and environmental exposures; air pollution)
University of Idaho Geological Sciences Module: Geology and the Environment involves some health aspects Mickey Gunter health effects of mineral dust, asbestos