Short courses

A series of short courses on metals, health and the environment are carried out all around the world. The leaders are Jose Centeno, Bob Finkelman and Olle Selinus. In addition to these, local scientists are also invited to demonstrate medical geology work going on in their respective regions.


Scope and purpose:

The aim of the Seminar is to provide examples where both deficiencies of trace elements as well as toxic exposures of metals may be involved in physiologic changes and the development of human diseases. We discuss the impacts of metal ions and trace elements on human health as illustrated with examples of arsenic poisoning from contaminated water in the Bengal Delta (India and Bangladesh) and Taiwan, as well from coal combustion in southwest China. Studies associated with lung cancer risk in an occupational cohort of chromate production workers are described. An overview of clinical aspects of toxic metal exposures including discussions of essentiality and clinical manifestations are presented.

The Seminars are intended for geologists, ecologists, chemists, biologists, occupational and environmental scientists, medical professionals, toxicologists, epidemiologists, pathologists and any other health, environmental and geo-sciences professional with interest on the effect of toxic metal ion species on environmental and human health. An important aim of the Seminars are to provide the opportunity for forming contacts and networks between professionals working in different areas of the field.


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