2014 Conferences


Buenos Aires, Argentina,May 11–16, 2014


Arsenic has been an issue of concern in last decades because of the serious incidence on human health coming from ingestion of water with small amounts of arsenic for prolonged periods. Around 100 million people are at risk in Asia and 14 million people are potentially affected in Latin America.
In 2014, one century of the discovery of arsenicosis in Bell Ville (Córdoba Province, Argentina) will be commemorated. For this reason, the organization of the next 5th International Congress in the Latin American region is considered relevant, with the title “As2014, One Century of the Discovery of Arsenicosis in America (1914-2014)”


All those interested in attending the Congress are welcome to contact:
Prof. Dr. Marta I. Litter Gerencia Química, Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica Av. Gral. Paz 1499, 1650 San Martín, Prov. de Buenos Aires, Argentina Tel.: 54 11 6 772 7016
e-mail: As2014.argentina@gmail.com


DUST 2014, an International Conference on Atmospheric Dust. Italy 1-6 June 2014

The Italian Association for the Study of Clays (AISA) and the Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis Associazione (IMAA-CNR) are pleased to invite you to DUST 2014, an International Conference on Atmospheric Dust. The main themes of the Conference are
Transport & Deposition
Modelling & Field Studies
Instrumentations & Measurements
Chemical & Mineralogical Studies
Impact on Health & Environment
Extraterrestrial Provenance
DUST2014 provides an unique opportunity for mineralogists, physicists, geochemists, engineering, volcanologists, chemists and for many other specialists to share ideas and knowledge on the boundless world of the atmospheric particles. 
Pre-register using the conference website www.dust2014.org and we will inform you when it is updated.
This first announcement is to invite you to serve as a session chair: submit a session proposal before May 20, 2013.
For information visit the Conference website at www.dust2014.org/sessions. Please share this information with any colleagues that may be interested and we apologize if you receive multiple copies of this message.
With best regards,
Saverio Fiore Conference Chair