2011 Conferences

The 23rd  Colloquium  of  African  Geology
January 8-14, Johannesburg, South Africa.
This is the largest international geological event on African geology, held, for the first time, in South Africa. A keynote speech will be delivered by the Chairman of IMGA, Dr. Jose A. Centeno. It will also feature a Special Session on "Medical Geology in Africa" organized by Prof. Dr. Theo Davis.

Environmental Health 2011, Resetting our Priorities
6-9 February 2011, Salvador, Brazil

The Swine 'flu, pharmaceuticals in the environment and global urbanization are just a few of the issues that stress the need to continuously evaluate our priorities in environmental health. Are we on course scientifically? What do we know about the environmental contribution to the burden of disease? How has technological innovation helped us to solve environmental problems? Do we need to recalibrate in an age of "post peak" resource availability?
The new conference 'Environmental Health 2011 - Resetting Our Priorities' will provide the opportunity to present your research, hear from leading experts in the field, network with a wide delegation of international researchers with common interests and concerns and enjoy the wonderful spirit of Salvador, Brazil.

International Conference on Environment and Health
- incorporating the 28th European Conference of the Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health (SEGH)
10th - 15th April, 2011, Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, Lancashire, UK
The conference provides an internationally recognised forum for interaction, discussions and the exchange of research between academic scientists, consultants, practitioners and public servants engaged and active in the multi-disciplinary area of environment and health. SEGH conferences over the years have drawn specialists from the disciplines of biology, chemistry, environmental sociology, epidemiology, geography, geology, medi-cine, nutrition, physics, and toxicology, together with experts from the regulatory and industrial communities.

11th ICOBTE, International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements

3-7 July, Florence, Italy,
The organizing committee of the 11th ICOBTE cordially invites you to participate in the scientific and social programs of the International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements. This Conference is a continuation of the very successful ICOBTE series. Recent ICOBTE conferences were held in Austria (1999), Canada (2001), Sweden (2003), Australia (2005), China (2007), Mexico (2009). Participation of scientists and professionals actively involved in trace element biogeochemistry related issues, as well as of graduating students makes the ICOBTE an ideal arena for exchanging information and an international forum to discuss your emerging ideas and plans for research and development relative to trace elements, and influencing the policy enactment. Your findings will reach an interested and competent audience and your projects and hypotheses may receive support or enrichment by scientists of various disciplines and several Countries. The conference has been financially supported by several reputed international Institutions and Agencies, which allowed to assist invited plenary speakers and delegates from low income Countries.
Visit this conference website and discover the themes of the special symposia, the technical excursions and the organized social events. The 11th ICOBTE will take place at the Florence Congress Center, which is located in the heart of Florence, close to the most famous monuments of the city known as the cradle of the Renaissance. The enjoyable social programme will also give you a sample of the Italian atmosphere and refined taste for welcoming.

GeoMed 2011
4th International Conference on Medical Geology (GeoMed2011)
20 - 25th Sept, Bari, Italy
The International Medical Geology Association (IMGA) and the Associazione Italiana per lo Studio delle Argille (AISA) invites the submission of abstracts for the GEOMED2011. Submittal deadline is 28th February 2011. Please, visit our web sitewww.geomed2011.it for details and address your abstract to one of the 34 sessions listed at the sub-page http://www.geomed2011.it/session_list.html

Archean to Anthropocene – the past is the key to the future
9-12 October, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
Minneapolis Convention Center

2011 GSA
Topical Session Proposal deadline:   11 January 2011
Registration deadline:                         Standard,  1 June thru 6 September 2011
Abstract deadline:                               26 July 2011

International Society for Trace lement Research in Humans
IX ISTERH Conference
16-21 October, Belek (Antalya), Turkey

Abstracts due: June 1